Associate: Dr. Kenneth W. Van Treuren

Kenneth Van Treuren

Dr. Ken Van Treuren is a 1977 USAF Academy graduate and retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel. With an M.S. from Princeton University and DPhil from Oxford, Ken is a renowned expert in gas turbine engines. He’s a Command Pilot with over 3600 hours, including trainers, fighters, and cargo aircraft. He also holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating. Ken taught at the USAF Academy and won the Department of Aeronautics’ “Outstanding Military Educator Award.” He also taught for the USAF Test Pilot School and is a recently retired Professor from Baylor University after 26 years there, where he was recognized with an “Outstanding Teacher Award.” Ken also won the national SAE Teetor Educational Award in recognition of his contributions to teaching, research, and student development. In April 2022, he was awarded the Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year Award for Baylor University. Ken brings his insights and enthusiasm as a pilot/educator into the classroom to make gas turbine propulsion come “alive”. He has over 150 conference and journal papers in the education and gas turbine fields.